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from former Division 1 assistant coach

“Diego does a great job controlling tempo as a PG. He has a great feel for the game and understands the balance between getting his teammates involved and scoring. He is a 3 level scorer and a willing defender with good instincts and quick hands. His game reminds me of Damian Chong Qui, the PG for the NCAA tournament bound Mount St. Mary’s/ Despite being a smaller guard he impacts the game in multiple ways and makes plays both ends of the floor that directly contribute to winning.”

– Former Division 1 Assistant Coach


14 PPG | 5 APG | 3 SPG | 4RPG

Named Top 100 Prospects in Florida

“I had a good span of that season where I became a starter. I was the starting point guard and we went 9-1 in the last 10 games,” Brito said. “Having limited turnovers, having good assist numbers, and me scoring the ball was good, but the practices with the CBD and academy teams challenged me. It makes playing so much easier because when I practice, I’m playing with two other varsity teams.”

“Ryan Nembhard was here my first two years. [Nembhard] was at Creighton this year, and he just transferred to Gonzaga. A smaller point guard and the same type of build that I am,” Brito said. “[Nembhard] told me to be a point guard that sets the pace for the team, to make sure that I am able to handle the ball and protect it by not turning it over. Just stuff like that.”

“I would say I’m a good on-ball and off-ball defender. I have a high IQ. I know how to throw passes to get people open. I know where to put the ball. When I have somebody posting up, I know where to put it so the defense can’t get it. It’s only where my player can be,” he said. “I make good decisions coming off of ball screens. I can make good reads, offense and defense while I play ball screens. Most importantly, I can make open shots on and off the dribble. That’s what I take pride in the most.”

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